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Alexander finbow

Renegade Arts Entertainment

Alexander Finbow has worked as an actor, writer, director, and producer. He directed the movie ’24 Hours In London’ which became a cult hit around the world, before going on to work with producers in the UK and the US. Amongst his credits, creating the internet comedy show ‘Before I Get a Job’ ranks as one of his favorites.

His freelance directing career has included handling commercials for the likes of Microsoft and Vodafone, films for the UK’s department of education, and corporate movies for firms on both sides of the Atlantic. As an actor, Alexander has worked with people you may have heard of including; Madonna, Alan Parker, Nicholas Lyndhurst, and Ewan McGregor. But he will not reveal any secrets or gossip, ever.

When not running the fastest growing independent content company, Alexander can be found behind a camera. Stand still long enough and you’ll end up in one of his photographic montages.

Shea Proulx

Renegade Arts Entertainment

501st Legion

Hangar 19

Grande Prairie


"Hangar 19 is a locally owned Hobby shop that focuses on card games. We run a Pokemon league out of our store as have 2 events a week for it. We have a Yugioh event every Saturday morning, as well as Magic the Gathering 3 times a week. We carry a limited selection of comic books as well as Pop! and Vinyl figures. We do carry pop cultural clothing as well. We do have a PC gaming side to Hangar 19 that we are pushing to start League of Legends tournaments and eventually work our way up other games such as Rainbow Six Siege. We have done some work with schools, such as pairing up and sponsoring a board game club at one of the elementary schools here in Grande Prairie. We put a huge emphasis on getting kids out to socialize and for them to make new friendships"

Shea Proulx is a Calgary artist with a BFA from Emily Carr and an MFA from the University of British Columbia.  Shea Proulx, creates art by building up layers of interconnected images, and we are really happy to publish her latest book, Alice at Naptime, a graphic novel containing 190 of her drawings. A poetic exploration of being both a new mother and an artist. When Alice was born Shea, only found time to draw her while she napped. Gradually Alice is multiplied in a tapestry of selves, both large and small, while an overarching narrative whispers through the pages, musing on the meeting of former and future selves. At its core, Alice at Naptime tells a universal story, of a parent pining for past freedoms, while simultaneously descending down a rabbit hole of all-encompassing maternal love



Jeff Martin is an award-winning cartoonist from Edmonton, Alberta, and is definitely not a robot. His works include the Hockeypocalyspe series; the historical comedies Redcoats-ish: Jeff Martin's War of 1812 and Redcoats-ish 2 published by Renegade Arts Entertainment; the long-running webcomic HEAT: The Space Age of Pro Wrestling; the all-ages graphic novel Wrestlemon; Where Is Zog?, originally published online by Heavy Metal, and his newest project, the webcomic Hell, Inc. When not at comic book conventions, he can usually be found in the section of his living room that he refers to as his “comics bunker,” which doesn't make him sound crazy at all


F A U X is a character artist local to Grande Prairie, AB. With over twelve years of artistic experience and nearly ten years of tabletop roleplaying and Game-Mastering under his belt,      F A U X’s creative style leans heavily into the realm of high fantasy. A diploma in 2D Animation and Illustration, a passion for creating well-rounded, visually engaging characters, and a love of Dungeons and Dragons has all been integral in shaping what F A U X illustrates. There is little that is more exciting, in F A U X’s opinion, than helping someone build their first Dungeons and Dragons character, and then bringing that character to life through illustration. Whether it’s finding the perfect pre-made D&D character, designing a custom one just for you, or even just chatting about the latest episode of Critical Role, F A U X is passionate about sharing his love of fantasy with anyone and everyone.

Instagram: @_fa.ux_

The 501st Legion is an all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts from around the world under a collective identity within which to operate. The 501st Legion seeks to promote interest in Star Wars through the building and wearing of quality costumes, to facilitate the use of these costumes for Star Wars-related events, and to contribute to local community through costumed charity and 100% volunteer work



  Collectibles/Laser Engraving/3D



When she realized her dream of becoming a frog would not be achieved, Catherine Dubois turned her attention to the graphic arts and has not looked back. Catherine graduated from Pixel Blue College in 2015 with a diploma in 2D Animation and Illustration. After being awarded a scholarship at the Gotta Minute Film Festival, she returned to school to complete a diploma in Digital Illustration and Sequential Arts at the Edmonton Digital Arts College in 2017. She was the tenth Artist in Residence at Happy Harbor Comics. She now works as a freelance animator and illustrator, currently working on an original graphic novel.




Specializing in Handmade Antler Jewelry & Accessories as well as many other handmade creations.

New pop-culture items will be created for A-Con!

Jaysen Knight has been a supporter of A-Con from the beginning and is thrilled to be returning to High Level for our next convention. If you have comic collections that you would love to get assessed, Jaysen does offer this service. Expect another impressive display of comics this year!

Velvet Hand Designs 



Original art creations, paintings, drawings, storefront window paintings, gifts, children's decor artwork

Instagram: @velvethanddesigns














("Bear Paws" with ice-cream & toppings)






(Sponsored by Mackenzie Frontier Tourist Association)



Beth's Bangles

Beth's Bangles is a hobby business local to Grande Prairie, AB. A life-long nerd of many persuasions, Beth specializes in handmade fashion jewelry and nerd-culture accessories. With 9 years of theatre experience, creating the perfect accenting pieces for cosplay is one of her favourite thing to do. She will gladly take custom orders for anything from replica props to magic items. She is a Star Wars geek, a Trekkie since childhood, Dungeons and Dragons DM, can field a beautiful hand-painted Adepta Sororitas army, and wore Steampunk before it was cool. If you stop by her table at Aurora-Con this year, you'll find someone who would love to hear all about last night's game, will happily give you suggestions if you feel stuck with your cosplay, and can brainstorm how to accomplish that one perfect thing with you. 

high level







High Level Creator


Amazing hand-crafted pop-culture quilts for all interests.






A-Con Service
Pop-Culture nail designs!



dutch wharf fish & chips

Food truck (Spirit RIver)